Silver Falls Ranch

This site uses Atco Software to book their rides. We query their API using SOAP to get the rides availability and then block any days that are booked from showing in the calendar date picker for all their rides. We store the availability info in a Mysql database which we then query to create the calendars. When a user decides to book a ride we then query Atco’s API to confirm that the rides is still available. We then collect all the information required to reserve the ride on our secure server. Once all information is collected we use curl to post the reservation to Atco’s secure servers. A confirmation page is displayed and email is sent to the user and to Silver Falls Ranch.

Aside from the e-commerce capabilities of the site there are slide shows and inline pop-ups to enhance the users experience. Javascript is also used to provide compatibility with older Microsoft browsers and display the PNG graphics which are absolutely positioned over other elements of the page.