Holoholo Charters V2

Their web site was a redesign to take advantage of the higher resolutions and larger monitors used by web surfers today. We also streamlined the checkout process so users could make a reservation from Holoholo’s site using their secure server and Paypal without leaving their site.

To achieve this we integrated their reservation system from Atco Software into thier new site. We used Atco Software’s Javascript API to populate a Mysql database with the availability of their different tours. The database was queried and the data was used to populate calendar date pickers with only available dates for each of the tours. Once a tour was selected we checked the availability in real time to assure that the tour was still available, if it wasn’t, a selection of dates that were available for that tour was displayed. The user could then fill out forms to collect all the necesarry data to make the reservation. The reservation was paid for using Paypal’s Website Payments Pro API and curl as the credit card processor. Once a successful transaction was completed the Atco reservation API and curl was used to reserve the tour and update the availability of that tour. A confirmation page was displayed and an email was sent to the user and Holoholo Charters.

The site features lots of photos. Different slide shows are viewable through out the site. Some load and play automatically while others are loaded on-demand to reduce page download size. The site also features passenger contributed photos and allows passengers to upload photos from their tour. Photos are cropped and or re-sized to fit the layout of the site using ImageMagick. There is also a weather page which displays current weather and surf conditions updated onload.

The site also features a custom CMS to allow Holoholo’s staff to make changes and approve passenger submitted photos.