Kauai Visitors Bureau V2

They wanted to redesign their Kauai Discovery site to use lager images which would better show off the beauty of Kauai. Their previous site was designed with smaller monitors and resolutions that users had at the time. Their stats reflected that the majority of their visitors could support larger page sizes. The custom navigation for this site has a thumbnail image for each section in a pull down menu with rounded corners over a large image. The only way to achieve the rounded corners in all browsers including MSIE 6 was to put the menus in tables and place transparent gifs in the corners. The thumbnail images for navigation also presented a problem with the number of concurrent request per page load. This was solved by using a technique called css sprites where the images are combined into a single image and then background position is used to select the image for display. Ajax and iframes are used to display navigation elements and member thumbnail images without page reloads.

All information comes from the Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau database via a xml http post to a script on the Kauai Visitors Bureau site. Kauai members update their information on the HVCB site and that information is then used to create their Kauai page.