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I would of liked to have Tsunami Marketing design my site but I really couldn’t afford them and I didn’t want to have to build the front-end and a CMS as well. Robert, my former boss, was experimenting with WordPress and he found it to be quite good. That’s a huge endorsement coming from him since his designs are usually quite challenging to build. I was sure if he could live with any of the limitations imposed by off the shelf software so could I. I also thought it would be a great way to learn WordPress so I could use it in future projects. I quickly found out how flexible WordPress is without any coding. With my existing capabilities and skills I found I could do just about anything I wanted to a web site. WordPress and Zend Framework are now my tools of choice when creating new sites.

I built this site using WordPress as a CMS. I used PHP, HTML and CSS to customize it. Not being a designer it was easy to build this using a theme and then modifying it. The screen captures of the sites I’ve done really stand out against this themes neutral colors.

I like the many plugins, widgets and themes that are available for WordPress allowing you to customize the look and add functionality to the site without having to directly edit the code.

  • Technologies: CMS, CSS, HTML, PHP, Wordpress
  • Date: November, 2009
  • Industries: Developer
  • Employer/Client: Kahuna Coding
  • Site Owner: Kahuna Coding
  • Owner Location: Cocoa, Florida